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Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning Everyone loves a perfect view. We all know our windows need to be cleaned regularly but finding the time to get the grueling job done can be just as hard as the job itself. What’s m... Read more
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Everyone knows just how important it is to have clean gutters – especially when it comes to fire safety. Keeping your gutters regularly cleared avoids them getting full. Importantly... Read more
Pressure Cleaning
Pressure Cleaning Most of us don’t have the time to carefully pressure clean the surfaces around our home, let alone the money it costs to buy or hire an effective pressure washer. So why not let u... Read more
House Washing
House Washing Besides the odd once-over with the garden hose, most people don’t even think about cleaning the outside of their home. Yet, it’s surprising just how a clean exterior can give your hom... Read more

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Watch this short clip to see what a difference pressure cleaning can make


Hi Terry, The house really does look fabulous. I will recommend you guys to all of my friends with crusty old weatherboard houses like mine... Great job! Thank-you and regards

- Sue, West Footscray

"Terry gets 6 stars! Excellent work, fair price and great communication. As an owner of a real estate company we employ many trades,- we will be using Terry's team again."

-Stephen Aitken
Aitken Real Estate

"Terry did a remarkable job…in a day of diverse weather conditions. Just thought I'd let you know we've had an unanticipated result from Terry's efforts with the gutters. Ever since we moved in the rain has bucketed straight over the gutters and onto the concrete slab immediately in from of the kitchen window, turning the verandah into a river during heavy storms. I am pleased to report that (other than where there are small gaps between the guttering and the roofing or where there are pre-existing nail holes) the verandah (and the boots and the dog beds, etc) are DRY. All hail Terry!

- Carol B, Warneet

Hi Terry,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic job you did yesterday cleaning our house. We didn’t get a chance to have a proper look at it yesterday as it was raining and getting dark by the time you left…..but we’ve reviewed your work today and we’re really happy with the result. You went above and beyond expectations, especially in such awful weather! I’d also like to commend you on how quickly you attended to the initial enquiry…within minutes you called me regarding my online enquiry, the quote was received within 24 hours of you coming around to assess the job and then the whole thing was booked in and done within a week. It seems really hard to get decent customer service these days, so I was really impressed!  I will definitely be recommending you to others.


- Gina, Bentleigh East



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What will it cost me?

Every house or premises is different. You can ask us for a 'quick quote' over the internet, if we can see your site online then we can give you an idea of what the cost may be. Larger and commercial jobs are best negotiated during a site visit.

How do we pay you?

We can accept credit card, EFTPOS or cash. We use a bank provided EFT terminal that meets all Australian PCI requirements, so your security is always assured.


Can you clean in any weather?

We can clean in most conditions - except torrential rain and very high winds. The rain has little effect on the cleaning and all dirt is still removed. And even if it rains just as we leave, you can be rest assured that all our hard work will not be undone instantly. However, for safety reasons the rain will stop us gaining roof access for gutter cleaning. Pressure cleaning and house washing can still be completed on bad weather days and does not affect the quality of work.

I suppose not many people get their cleaning done in winter?

The great news is we work all year. This means you can still have your property cleaning done in the winter and the results will be just as good. And often, it’s a good way to beat the Spring/Summer rush, as our waiting times increase considerably during the more popular seasons.

Do you use environmentally friendly products?

Yes any products used during your service are environmentally friendly and will cause no harm to your home, garden or pets.

What is house washing? 

House washing is when we clean the outside of your home from the gutters to the ground. This can be done either with a pressure cleaner or by soft wash, depending on the type of facade. The difference a house can make is surprising, it can save having to paint and can make a great impression for open for inspections.

Do you wash weatherboard houses?

Yes, Weatherboard houses usually require a soft wash especially older homes. If any of the weatherboards have become soft or damaged over time a pressure cleaner can cause further damage; a soft wash is a wash completed by hand using a brush and is the best way to clean this type of home.

What type of window cleaning do you do?

We clean Residential, Commercial, Strata, Industrial, Government building windows and real estate work - inside and out.

Can you clean 2 or more story buildings?

Yes, We have all the required licenses and insurances for working at heights. If it is needed we use lift equipment, a harness, rope and scaffold depending on what the job requires. We do not do Abseil work.


How do I know if my gutters need to be cleaned?

The gutters will not work properly if they are clogged. Some good signs the gutters are clogged is the water coming over the top. You may have water constantly dripping or leaking from the gutters when it is not raining or hasn't rained recently. Or worse still, Water leaking inside your property - generally where the ceilings meet the walls. These are just the most obvious signs of clogged gutters, sometimes the signs are not so easy to spot, which is why we recommend cleaning the gutters twice a year.

Why should I hire someone gutter cleaning?

Firstly, we do this every day. Therefore, we know what to look for and can get the job done much faster for you. And, because we’re doing it with a trained eye we may spot problems you would not be aware of. But finally, we know safety is paramount when talking about heights and hard to reach places. We are fully insured and have years of experience on ladders. For the average person it is not worth the risk of falling or injury to save the small fee we charge.