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    Established in 2010 by Terry, TR Exterior Clean is a family run business that has allowed us to balance work and family, what started as something that Terry could do in working for himself after leaving the manufacturing industry has become something the whole family can be involved in. We specialise in servicing residential, commercials and industrial clients through Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. With a focus on customer service, quality and attention to detail our business has grown with the majority of our customer base being regulars we service every year. 

    The exterior of our home is often overlooked until it starts to become unsightly or damaged, and during the winder months the rain, wind and spiders tend to make our exteriors their home. This is where we shine, by having us out each year we can keep your exteriors clean, looking like new and most importantly protecting from damage and other costly maintenance such as painting. 

    What makes us different is the continuous improvement and learning to ensure that we provide the best and most up to date techniques and service to our customers. We make sure from the moment you engage us that we make things easier for you, after all that why you are calling us. We make sure we explain exactly what will happen when we come out to do your clean and provide an accurate quote to make sure you pay no more than you were expecting. Communication and quality have been key to running our business for this long, we value honesty and service and this shines through in our business and the way treat our customers. 

    Exceptional services starts with a free quote and providing a demonstration of the results we can achieve.

    Give us a call and we can see what we can achieve for you. 

  • High-end equipment

    We have invested in quality and industry specific equipment to assure that your property is protected and cleaned properly. By using a water fed pole and pure water we are no only able to provide a superior clean but we don't have to leave the ground to do it making it safer for both us and you. 

    Our soft washing equipment means that we are able to remove staining and clean without the harsh use of pressure cleaners on your property and walls, this allows us to maintain integrity of your exteriors such as render, weatherboard or brick. 

    We have had specialised training in both stone and surface cleaning to not only identify what surfaces we are cleaning but the best way to clean them. All of which can be explained to you when we do an onsite visit for a quote.