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  • A professional window clean has many benefits and advantages. Most able-bodied people can wash their own windows, but when you compare the equipment, specialty cleaning solutions, and hours of experience a pro brings to the job, it's easy to understand why so few property owners produce the kind of results you get from a trained professional.

    Window cleaning is a necessary task that needs to be done for both ascetic and maintenance reasons.


    Clean windows easily enhance the look of a home whether you are viewing from the inside or outside. Clean windows show that a house is maintained and cared for, this can give a great impression when selling. One of the first things people do when viewing a property for the first time is look back out through the windows at what the view is like, if this is done through streaky or dirty windows then no matter how good the view is the smudges will be all people see.


    Beyond the obvious reasons, the most important reason for glass maintenance is to avoid glass degradation. Glass will, over time, become permeated with a variety of contaminants:

    1. Hard Minerals (from sprinkler systems and building run-off)
    2. Oxidization (from windows encased in metal frames and screens)
    3. Acid Rain
    4. Sea Spray
    Many environmental contaminants, such as acid rain, hard water and oxidation, can damage windows over time. When you regularly clean your windows, you remove the materials that could cause the glass to break down or become weaker.

    Most properties require a window cleaning service twice a year to maintain their windows and glass, properties along coastal areas would even benefit from a more regular clean. Regular cleaning removes all the build up that will make the windows weaker and you will be less likely to have replace windows in the future.

    Efficiency and effectiveness

    It is a fact that windows let in light and allow the sun to heat the home, clean windows allow the sun to flow through uninhibited and therefore be more effective at heating and lighting up a room and with the rising costs of gas and electricity as well as the environmental benefits natural heat and light is becoming more important. Window cleaning will allow this free and natural source of light and heat to come through.