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  • Commercial Window Cleaning using pure water

    Pole window cleaning is the latest technology in pure water window cleaning which has revolutionised the industry over recent years. Pole window cleaning with pure water filtering has rendered ladders obsolete. The result is a more efficient, more effective and safer delivery of service in less time. Surprisingly these latest systems use only pure, filtered water to achieve perfect [...]

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    Why use professional window cleaning services?

    A professional window clean has many benefits and advantages. Most able-bodied people can wash their own windows, but when you compare the equipment, specialty cleaning solutions, and hours of experience a pro brings to the job, it's easy to understand why so few property owners produce the kind of results you get from a trained professional. Window cleaning is a necessary task that[...]

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    The benefits of using a professional pressure cleaning business

    Pressure washers use water and compressed air to create a powerful stream of water that can be used to remove dirt, grime, fungus, algae, etc. from difficult outdoor surfaces. Pressure washers have the ability to get into cracks and crevices that otherwise may be impossible to get into. Because it is just water, the stream created by pressure washers is safe to inhale or come in contact with. The [...]

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