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  • Window Cleaning

  • Windows So Clean You Will Forget They Are There!

    Everyone loves a perfect view. We all know our windows need to be cleaned regularly but finding the time to get the gruelling job done can be just as hard as the job itself. What's more, for many people it's physically impossible with windows in obscure and very hard or unsafe to reach places. 

    Window cleaning and making your outlook brighter is our specialty.

    As part of our standard window cleaning service we will:

    • Clean your windows and ensure a streak free and smidge free finish
    • Clean all window sill and tracks
    • Remove and wash all flyscreens
    • Remove all cobwebs
    • Clean window frames
    • Clean any glass sliding doors

    While we are at your place, did you know we can also clean the other glass objects inside or outside your home!

    Such as:

    • Skylights
    • Glass Pool Fences
    • Balcony Glass Balustrade
    • Lead Light Panels
    • Solar Panels
    • Mirrors

    Through years of experience cleaning throughout Melbourne, we have perfected a steak-free and stunning finish. Whether it's a one-off job, or you required window cleaning as a regular service, we can focus on your needs and requirements. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the look of your windows and the view to outside after a professional window cleaning service.